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...More  Bill Frick and Judith Gannon started FRICK Winery in 1976 with proceeds from the sale of their 1957 Chevy. They have since established beautiful hillside vineyards on slopes overlooking the Dry Creek Valley and have successfully produced 41 vintages of delicious, full bodied award winning wines.

I focus is on this unique highland corner of Sonoma County's Dry Creek Valley because of the grape quality. Here grapes mature to a delicious rich ripe perfection.  I am proud that all Frick wines are grown exclusively in the Dry Creek Valley Appellation.

Standing in the quiet vineyards at Frick Winery, you can view beautiful rolling vineyards. Hawks, vultures, ducks and herons often soar overhead. The winery is hidden away on a deadend road and nature is abundant. Coyote, fox, deer, wild pig, turkey, porcupine, bobcats (and even skunks) live here.

The winery and vineyard are secluded. Grapevines run up and down the steep hills, dependent upon the care of their farmer as they have a hard time surviving. These are dry hillsides with a soil called Dry Creek Conglomerate, a mixture of polished rocks, gravel, sands, and clay from a prehistoric volcanic sediment. The 50+ inches per year of rainfall drains quickly from the slopes. The vines struggle and the wines are very very good.

Grapevines that are naturally stressed produce a fruit with concentration, character and many complex flavors and aromas. Frick wines are bold, medium to full bodied. Bill Frick works to produce unique, flavorful table wines that he enjoys and are described by critics as “attractive, generously endowed, concentrated, harmonious, well integrated, balanced, delicious, excellent, full blown, complex and lingering”. For  Bill, it's all about the grape, and that's the magnificent essence that comes through in every bottle. The wines exibit a precise personality of the grape and the vineyard.

Frick Wines are individually crafted by hand. Traditional time honored methods of wine making are employed; that include hand harvesting the grapes, punching the cap by hand during fermentation, soft pressing, no fining or filtering and aging in small oak barrels.

The Frick Estate covers a mere 7.77 acres. Bill Frick personally crushes, ferments and bottles only 1100 cases a year, so a great deal of attention and hand care goes into every delicious bottle of wine with the Frick Label.

While other kids were playing Cowboys and Indians Bill Frick was playing winery. 

My Personal Frick Story, by Bill Frick

On summer vacation in 1954 my parents stopped at Italian Swiss Colony Winery in Asti, California just up the road a few miles from here. We took the tour.
This was my first time at a winery. In the summer sun, green grapevines danced in a soft breeze. Inside the cool winery, large hoses were neatly coiled on wet concrete floors next to gigantic redwood vats. When no one was looking I stuck my head in the open manhole of a vat and breathed in the exotic wine aromas. I was smitten. The wine bug bit me there and then. I had just turned 8.
From that visit I was enchanted and wanted to make wine and grow grapes.
The dream came true in 1976 when my late wife Judith Gannon and I obtained the licenses and gathered equipment needed to make wine commercially. We crushed and made the first wines at our new winery, a tiny quaint corrugated metal shed.
We had sold the 1957 Chevy and emptied our savings account. We were broke but happy. We had our own little winery and it was heaven to us.