Shipping Information

ADULT SIGNATURE IS ALWAYS REQUIRED: By law all wine shipments require an adult signature. Your ID will be checked. To expedite delivery I highly recommend a commercial shipping address were adults are present during work hours.  
CARRIERS AND TRANSIT TIME: Orders are packaged and shipped quickly.  Within CA the carrier is GSO because they have a transit time of just 1 day.  (In CA If you select UPS, transit time is up to 2 days..)  Outside CA shipment is by UPS ground with transit time of 3-7 days.  You will receive notice of shipment from the carrier.
PACKING: Shipping boxes come in sizes listed in the shipping rate chart. For the best rate per bottle, order the number of bottles to fill a box. Styrofoam wine packs are usually used because of their insulating capacity (See Blog with details).
Within CA, GSO allows a 12 bottle regular corrugated wine case..
This greatly decreases the amount of packaging material for case orders. 

SHIPPING RATES:  This chart shows rate estimates. 
Final rates will be calculated before checkout based on number of bottles & shipping address. . 

2     $10  $19   $28   $27
4     $10  $22.   $32   $33
6     $10  $24   $40   $41
12     $10  $34   $62   $65

PICK UP OPTION:  If your address is in CA select "Pick Up" as the delivery option. Shipping charges will be returned to you when you pick up. If you are out of state and want to pick up or want your personal shipper to pick up please enter your delivery address as the tasting room -  23072 Walling Rd. Geyserville, CA 95441 and select shipping option of "Pick Up". 

We make no representation as to the legal rights of anyone to deliver or import wines into any state outside California. All sales are in California and title passes to the buyer in California. As buyer you are responsible for the delivery of wine. By placing an order you authorize us to act on your behalf to engage an independent shipper that will handle your order and facilitate delivery to you. Your shipping charges are passed on to that independent shipper. 

No shipments to UT, NH, ND because of State Imposed Conditions. Other restrictions may apply, Examples: DC- One case per month per person MN -Two case per year per person AL- Must ship to your ABC store with ABC form. You pick up at ABC store. AZ-Six case per year per person.