Wonderful World of Frick - soil, climate, vines, wines

H a p p y  S u m m e r !

This is the place you will find information and an Online Store full of Frick wines. I  specialize in rare Rhône grape varieties and their blends. They are simply a delicious natural expression of vineyard, grape and vintage.

 2017 is my 41st year in business as Frick Winery. It started in 1976 by me Bill Frick and my wonderful late wife Judith Gannon with the proceeds from the sale our 1957 Chevrolet. A big dream that started small.

The little winery, hidden down a narrow country road, is surrounded by hillside vineyards. This is the beautiful place where I work alone to craft small batch wines with honest character of this place and authentic to the grape variety.

My wines grow on steep, sunny hillsides in Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County, California. The varieties are all Rhône: syrah, viognier, cinsaut, grenache, counoise, carignane, grenache blanc and mourvèdre. The character of location; brilliant sunshine, cool foggy mornings and rocky soil is in every bottle. More.. 

Not widely distributed. The place to buy wines is here or at the Tasting House on weekends.

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