(Library) G S M Blend 2015 Dry Creek Valley

$ 87.00

 Classic Blend with a Delicious Twist  

Tasting Notes:  Fresh, clear wine fruit aromas. Floral tart flavors of cherry, red currant, cranberry. Tangy full light fruit body. Meaty cherry, strawberry and crushed dried leaves. Dry finish.

 The Grapes: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre, all grown in Dry Creek Valley. Blended to make a wine that speaks of this place. 33% Grenache 27% Syrah, 50% Mourvèdre. 

 The Vineyards: All hillside grapes grown in the Dry Creek Valley.

Grenache. Small rocky terraced section of Conley Vineyard that is high on the hill above the Frick tasting room.  This vineyard was carved out of a dry cliff side. Vines are widely spaced and naturally low yield.

Syrah & Mourvedre grow in Frick's Estate Owl Hill Vineyard; Syrah was planted here in 1988. This tiny vineyard’s ground is rock, gravel and clay from decomposed Dry Creek Conglomerate.  In this dirt the vines have low vigor so they produce a limited crop with distinctive, full, classic, earthy Northern Rhone character.

 The Wine:
  GSM is a signature Rhone blend for the new world. My version is a classic combination of these three varieties. but with twist; more unusual proportions. 33% Grenache 27% Syrah, 50% Mourvèdre. 

Only 146 cases made.

Serve with:  prime New York cut, braised short ribs, grilled carmelized eggplant wedges, rigatoni with pork ragout, oxtail soup, mushroom potato stew, roast leg of lamb, potatoes au gratin, minestrone, liverwurst on warn toast