About your Frick Winery visit.

Frick tasting house from street with address 23072 on a tree trunk.

You will be here when you see 23072 on the redwood tree. 

This is my 7.77 acre property with vineyard, winery and tasting house. Inside the white tasting house I welcome you to sample my homemade Rhône Style wines.

First Thing. Please review your confirmation email. Make sure month, date and time correct. If not, there is an easy link in the  email to re-schedule.
Manage your reservation easily. You can reschedule or cancel your booking quickly by using links in your confirmation and reminder emails. 

Location. Frick Winery Tasting House 23072 Walling Road, Geyserville, CA 95441.  (Crossroad is Canyon Road)  

Where you will be tasting: Tasting will be standing at the old redwood bar inside the tasting house.

Timing. For your planning and scheduling purposes budget about 30 minutes for your visit. 

Face masks are not required, but do carry one and please wear your mask if you want to. At times your host may be masked. 

Cell phone reception out here in the vineyards is not reliable, between no service and 1 bar. (Important note for Uber and Lyft users).
However at the tasting house wi-fi is available. 

Payment methods

Groups are limited to 4 people total.  It is a matter of being able to accommodate all groups comfortably without crowding.  I am a small winery. My spaces are small. My tasting areas and bar are small. Staff of one. 

Questions/Contact:  Bill Frick at frick@frickwinery.com