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Frick tasting house from street with 23072 on a tree trunk.

I'm happy you are coming here for a tasting! 
When you arrive at my small vineyard of 7.77 acres you will feel the atmosphere and see the source of my wines. This is where I grow the grapes and where I make the wines. Everything is here. All in one place. You will be sampling from a menu of interesting and unique Rhone wines. Tasting is free.

Here are the details:

Location: 23072 Walling Road, Geyserville, CA 95441
Crossroad is Canyon Road (Google map directions are not accurate traveling East on Canyon Road) 

Contact: Bill Frick  707-484-3950

First, please carefully review your confirmation email to confirm your intended day of the week, DATE and starting time. There is an easy link to cancel or re-schedule in your confirmation and reminder emails. (If you did not receive a confirmation there was a typo in your email address).

Please do not visit if all in your group are not fully vaccinated. 
You may cancel from your confirmation.

Weather allowing, tasting will be seated outdoors. Wear or bring cold weather wear.

No groups larger than 4 please. Reservations are confirmed only for groups with 4 or less people.. Accomodation space is small. Tables and chairs are limited. The bar is short. I have no staff. This smallness does not allow me to accommodate more than 4 people for an appt. 

Wear face masks. California has a universal indoor masking order. I require that all guests wear a face mask when non-related groups are present and when indoors. At your tasting location, masks may be removed. Your host will be weaing a face mask at all times and is fully vaccinated and boostered.

For planning and scheduling purposes budget 30 minutes for your visit. Your confirmed appt time is exclusively yours. Your tasting starts at your appointment time and ends a half-hour later. Tasting will be either standing at the bar inside, or seated at a table outdoors.

Cell phone reception is weak, between no service and 1 bar. (Important note for Uber and Lyft users). However, Wi-fi is available at the tasting house. 

No early or late arrivals please. I want to have your space ready for you at your appointment time and minimize your contact with other groups. 


COVID HOUSE RULES: California requires universal indoor masking.
For a safe visit for all I follow the following protocol.
  • Face masks are required when other parties are present until tasting begins. I ask guests to carry a proper face mask and use it when appropriate. Once you are at your tasting place and during tasting the mask may be removed. I (your server) am fully vaccinated and wear a face mask all the time. Face mask covering for me continually. 
  • Please do not visit if you are not fully vaccinated.
  • Please practice social distancing from non-related parties
  • Hand sanitizer is available.
  • Surface sanitation is completed as needed.
  • Disposable single use. Menus. dump buckets and water are single use. 
  • No Picnics. I do not have space to accommodate picnics at this time.

Being smart, kind and respectful creates a safe experience.. I want ALL my guests to feel comfortable and safe. Masks are required by all when around others. Distancing is accomplished through timing and spacing of appointments and with personal awareness of others. Frick is a "low traffic" winery, there are no crowds here. Groups are limited to 4.  Tasting areas are kept well ventilated and sanitized.  

Contact me (Bill Frick) by email with questions or concerns:

Thank you for booking your appointment!