I am happy you booked a tasting appointment. Details below.

Frick tasting house from street with 23072 on a tree trunk.

Location: 23072 Walling Road, Geyserville, CA 95441  707-484-3950

Please review your email confirmation to verify that your intended DATE, day of the week and starting time are correct.

Need to cancel or re-schedule? There is a link for this in your reminder emails.

You will be tasting outdoors so please be aware of weather conditions so you can dress appropriately.

I am happy you are coming to visit. You can taste up to 6 wines from my Menu of  interesting and unique wines including brand new Syrah and Carignane. Blends C3 and LUCIA. Three vintages of Cinsaut.  While tasting outdoor here on my 7.77 acres you will experience the source of Frick wines. This is where the grapes grow. Where the wines are made, bottled and aged. Everything all in one place.

No early or late arrivals please. I want to have the tasting table ready at the precise hour of your appt. I have only one tasting table so I can accommodate only one group at a time.  Timing ensures for sanitation between tastings and that there is no contact between groups. Therefore, I regret that a late arrival may forfeit an appointment.

Cell phone reception is weak (between no service and 1 bar)
(Important note for Uber and Lyft users)
Wi-fi is available. 

Plan for up to 30 minutes for your visit. Your tasting starts on the hour and ends on the half-hour. 

Tasting fee. Tasting is complimentary. Free

glass with a taste of red wine

Current Sonoma County Government Covid Rules- All wine tasting is outdoors by appointment only. No large groups.
Covid House Rules- Masks at all times except when tasting, social distancing with one small group tasting at a time, sanitation and common sense.
Please see complete list of Covid House Rules below.





COVID HOUSE RULES:  Masks, Social Distancing with one small group at a time, sanitation and common sense.

  • Tasting by appointment only is to avoid contact. I follow appointment times seriously to assure that there be one group tasting at a time and to allow me enough time to sanitize between guests.  For this reason, no late or early arrivals please. I may not be able to reserve a tasting table for late arrivals. Reservations expire 10 minutes after appointment time.
  • Hand sanitizer is available.
  • Sanitation is completed between guests.
  • One group at a time will taste in a well ventilated, sanitized space.
  • No group larger than 4. Reservations are limited to groups of 4 or less.
  • At least six feet of separation for non-related parties. Social distancing is an important component of all guidelines.
  • Masks for me always, For you except when you are tasting. I will be wearing a face covering continually, and ask guests to carry them for use at all times except when tasting. 
  • Disposable single use items.  Disposable menus. Single use dump buckets and water upon request.  
  • No picnicking. Lingering activities are to be avoided in order to minimize contact between unrelated groups . 

Be Smart and Kind. Safe and Sensible. Health guidelines are followed and surpassed. Distancing is accomplished through spacing of appointments,  The tasting area is well ventilated and sanitized between guests.  One group only will be tasting during each appt time. Visitors are separated by time and space. Masks required.  

Contact me (Bill Frick) by email with questions or concerns: frick@frickwinery.com