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These delicious Grenache wines grow right here at my home on Walling Road. I make three different versions. With this offer you can drink and enjoy them at leisure in your home. 

Experience the flavors and differences that can be found from grapes called Grenache. Red and the rare white grape version.

Rocky Terrace Vineyard. Birthplace of Grenache Red & Rosé

Grenache Vineyard

Featured in this 6 pack Wine Club offer: Grenache three ways -red, white & rosé

  • 2 bottles GRENACHE Red 2014  Rocky Terrace- Full fruit aromas of cherry, berry and potpourri. Dusty lavender. Round flavors of cherry, strawberry, black currant. Lingering blackberry. Complex and smooth finish.
  • 2 bottles GRENACHE Blanc  2015  Owl Hill - Beautiful light orange color. White grape version of Grenache. Aromas of pear, caramel. spice and perfume. Crisp flavors of green apple, pear, mango, kiwi, key lime, lemon, touch of peach. Ends dry with clean mineral edge. Flavors continue on to intrigue with a long finish.
  • 2 bottles GRENACHE Rosé  2017  Rocky Terrace  - Dark rose color. Aromatic crushed strawberry, cherry and peach. Juicy fresh flavors of cherry, strawberry, raspberry, red plum and dried cranberries. Structured and delicately tannic.  A full bodied style of rosé.


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