(Archive) GRENACHE 2016 Dry Creek Valley

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 A story of steep rocky hillsides in every bottle. 

Tasting Notes:  Cloudy purple haze in appearance (unfiltered) and this is okay. This is a normal characteristic of this wine, the effect on flavors is positive.

Aromas and flavors of bay laurel, floral & herb potpourri, meaty, earthy. cranberry, bright red cherry, pomegranate, thyme, Santa Rosa plum, forest strawberry, raspberry. Full in the mouth with a crisp red fruit acidity in the finish.

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The Grape: Grenache produces great wines when production is kept low. The challenge is controlling the naturally high yields of the grape. Growing on a hilltop in rock and gravel, and judicious thinning of fruit clusters is how we do it. Grenache clusters are big and multi-winged with medium sized lightly pigmented berries. It is a flavorful grape


Cluster of Grenache grapes.

 The Vineyard: A rugged and wild 2 acres at the top of the hill above the Frick tasting house. Wow what a vineyard. Rocky Terrace Vineyard was daringly carved out of a rocky cliff in 1997 by my neighbor Chris Conley driving his trusty D-3.  In this sunny, rocky amphitheater the vines produce a small number of wonderfully flavored grapes. Before harvest the crop is thinned to only the best clusters. Frick Grenache enjoys the advantage of this special dedicated winegrowing. The wine is naturally made in order to retain the character of this special place.

Grenache vineyard view with steep terraces.

The Wine:
  A deep earthy Grenache with complex flavors. Leans toward the savory side of fruit.  Visually this wine is distinctively cloudy and hazy in appearance because it is unfiltered. The flavors show its heritage of vines growing in rock. Non-filtered means it was allowed it to retain deep natural earthy flavors. Drink now to 2025. Only 172 cases made.

Full glass showing haze in wine.




  Here you see the haze.

  Sign of non-filtered natural goodness.




Serve with: vegetable soup, duck confit, tomato and mushroom sandwich with alfalfa sprouts, sheep cheese, pork tenderloin roasted with fruit, pot roast, duck pate’, chicken breast supreme, roast pheasant, sausage pizza

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