(Archive) GRENACHE ROSÉ 2017 Dry Creek Valley

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Bright Grenache Fruit. Great all-season rosé.

Tasting Notes:  Red rose color. Aromatic crushed strawberry, cherry and peach. Juicy fresh flavors of cherry, strawberry, raspberry, red plum and dried cranberries. Valencia orange spices a dry. complex, crisp lingering finish. A “hearty”, big style rosé with intriguing depth.

The Grape: Grenache produces great wines when production is kept low. The challenge is controlling the naturally high yields of the grape. Growing on a hilltop in rock and gravel, and judicious thinning of fruit clusters is how we do it. Grenache clusters are big and multi-winged with medium sized lightly pigmented berries. This grape has been traditionally vinified for red and rosé wines for centuries.

The Vineyard: A rugged and wild 2 acres at the top of the hill above the Frick tasting house. It was daringly carved out of a rocky cliff in 1997 by my neighbor Chris Conley driving his trusty D-3. In this sunny, rocky location the vines work hard to produce a small number of wonderfully flavored grapes. In addition the crop is heavily thinned to only the best clusters. Frick Grenache enjoys the advantage of this special dedicated winegrowing.

The Wine:
 A deep pink rosé with complex flavors. Stemmed (not crushed), lightly pressed and fermented in small stainless steel barrels. This is a big style with abundance of refreshing fruit character. A substantial rosé that is fabulous for summer picnics. But will be good all year round.  Near perfection with fall fare and Thanksgiving feasts.

Drink now to 2020. Only 78 cases made.

Serve with: vegetable soup, fresh strawberries & teleme cheese, chicken, clam bake, grilled summer squash, hummus, poached salmon, oysters, margarita pizza, roast turkey, pumpkin soup, bouillabaisse, baked butternut squash

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